Thursday, April 23, 2009

Pinochle Anyone...

Dan, his mom, and I learned how to play Pinochle over Easter. We had a blast. I had a blast because I won most of the time!! Dan and I have been playing this past week and been having a lot of fun. It is a strategic game that really makes you think. It is a nice change from watching TV. I beat Dan pretty bad a few times but now he is starting to get good. I am learning that I am not a good loser to say the least. Once after Dan won, I threw all of his cards in the air (I was mad because he played me and I could not meld some good cards that I had)…needless to say being a sore loser is not a good trait to possess. I always prided myself on not being competitive, I was sorely mistaken. I don’t tell you this because I am proud of it, but because I was surprised by it! With that said I will try to hold it together when playing cards in the future. I have enjoyed the time that Dan and I have made to keep our friendship and marriage strong.

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