Thursday, April 23, 2009

Once Upon A Child

Yesterday I went to Target to get little man some summer clothes. I walked out of Target with a few shirts, a couple of pairs of shorts, a couple of sets of pajamas, and a pair of sandals. My jaw hit the floor when the cashier proceeded to tell me the total purchase amount on a measly few items that Alex will grow out of in two months if that! Also the shoes I bought were too small…I proceeded to try them on Alex in the store, but since he is not used to wearing shoes he protested loudly. I decided it would be just as easy to hold up the bottom of the shoe to the bottom of his foot and there you have it…an inaccurate shoe measurement. Talking to my mom later that evening she mentioned I should try to go to a used clothing store. Suddenly I remembered Once Upon A Child! You see, I have been fortunate to not have to buy many clothes for Alex until now. His drawers were literally empty!! Luckily I kept all the tags on the stuff I bought for Alex at Target and the receipt (got to have the receipt at Target). Today I proudly walked out of Once Upon A Child with more clothes, pajamas, and books among other stuff for less than the price I spent at Target. I was able to return the stuff at Target and feel really good that I got such a great deal at Once Upon A Child. I got lots of name brand stuff that looks immaculately clean and also like it has never been worn. The truth is toddlers who are 12 months old don’t usually wear out their clothes or shoes before they grow out of them! Hooray for being thrifty!! I am never thrifty. Once Upon A Child is my new favorite store for Alex’s clothes. The other neat thing is that you can sell back the clothes you buy as long as they are in good condition!! I would encourage anyone to check it out!!

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