Thursday, May 29, 2008

More Pictures from the Hospital

Cousin Melanie taking pictures of baby Alex and Alex's Second Bath - Nice Mohawk!

Dan changing Alex's first poopy diaper!! & Me and Alex after he just ate!

Sleeping like a little angel..

Our Little Family...

Almost ready to go home...

Ready to go home - our little burrito...

We were at the hospital from 5/27/08-5/29/08. The PVH staff were fantastic! Alex roomed in with us all three nights. He is eating well and gaining weight. One night Anna our nurse took him into the nursery for a little bit so we could get some much needed rest. He is really easy to soothe. Dan changed all the diapers at the hospital. We call him the diaper ninja. I have never felt so tired and excited all at the same time! I kept telling the Lord that I cannot believe he let us have little Alex and that we get to take him home with us! I stared at him in wonder the entire time at the hospital. By the end of our stay, although nice, we were very excited to bring Alexander home!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Just In: Alexander Edward Frank

He is finally here! 10 days early!! After 27 hours of labor and 2 hours of active pushing our little bundle of joy arrived at Poudre Valley Hospital on May 27th, 2008 at 5:22pm. My contractions started coming at about 3:00pm on Memorial Day and continued to get closer and closer together as the evening progressed. Dan said I should wait until the morning if possible..(you try and wait until the morning..hehehe...) I went to see Dr. Cloyd who said that I had better get over to PVH. He was about to give me the "SNIL" diagnosis - Smiling Not in Labor but after he checked me he told me I had better be packed.

When Alex arrived I wept because it was such an awesome and miraculous thing to behold our flesh and blood that God had been knitting in my womb so perfectly is finally here. He is super cute too. He has thick black hair and beautiful red lips!! He is healthy and beautiful! We love him so much! Dan was an excellent labor coach/photographer/camera man! He is my hero!! See proud daddy above!

Alex's Stats:

Weight: 6 lbs 15 0z.

Length: 18.5 Inches Long

Alex's first visitors were Melanie, Phil and Ashley. Grandpa and Grandma were in Hawaii for their 30th wedding anniversary. They were due back before Alex's original due date of June 5th. They were so bummed that they couldn't be with us for his birth. As soon as they got in they came to visit. Many more pictures and posts to come!!