Thursday, May 29, 2008

More Pictures from the Hospital

Cousin Melanie taking pictures of baby Alex and Alex's Second Bath - Nice Mohawk!

Dan changing Alex's first poopy diaper!! & Me and Alex after he just ate!

Sleeping like a little angel..

Our Little Family...

Almost ready to go home...

Ready to go home - our little burrito...

We were at the hospital from 5/27/08-5/29/08. The PVH staff were fantastic! Alex roomed in with us all three nights. He is eating well and gaining weight. One night Anna our nurse took him into the nursery for a little bit so we could get some much needed rest. He is really easy to soothe. Dan changed all the diapers at the hospital. We call him the diaper ninja. I have never felt so tired and excited all at the same time! I kept telling the Lord that I cannot believe he let us have little Alex and that we get to take him home with us! I stared at him in wonder the entire time at the hospital. By the end of our stay, although nice, we were very excited to bring Alexander home!

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