Sunday, April 5, 2009

Artistic Diva..Well Not Exactly...

One of my goals for 2009 was to invest in my creative side. As many of you might know I have a million art supplies. Dan is really into hobbies and is always trying to get me to join in. You could just imagine his delight when he came home from work on Friday to see my new paintings. He was thrilled. This year I have kept up on Alex's baby book and scrapbook which has been great. I have also finally used my sewing machine that my mom got me Christmas of 2007. Dan and I had a running joke that I wouldn't use the sewing machine within the first year of owning it. Of course I couldn't let that happen so I did finally make some baby blankets and burp cloths for a couple of friends in October of 2008 (I had to - my deadline was fast approaching). Recently my good friend who is very creative taught me how to make pillow slip covers. Since she taught me a couple of weeks ago, I have made four pillows covers and have plans to make many more.

My other recent project has been trying my hand at painting. Dan got me a painting set for my birthday probably 2 years ago and I was too scared to really bust it out and give it a real effort. Just a few weeks ago I got an itch to create some art for our family room. I had a few attempts that I was not proud of but recently I created four pieces that I am proud to hang over our fireplace. Who knew a few acrylic paints and some canvas could give me such enjoyment. The key was just having fun and letting go. I had to realize that if I didn't like what I created I could just paint over it or start over. I have a feeling we will have more of my new art displayed and many new pillow covers in the near future. I would encourage anyone who is afraid of letting out their creative side to give it a try, you might find you really enjoy it!!!

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Stephanie Hillberry said...

Those paintings look awesome! Good job!